Material Supply

Hytech initially started the material supply side of the business to help hobby shop owners that require small amounts of material for the occasional project. Since then, it kicked off and we now not only supply cut to size length, but also supply full length to customers.

Order today and pick up tomorrow, or we can ship the material country wide.


Hytech stock a variety of sizes of square bar and flat bar in both grades: 6061 and 6082 Aluminium. The material is supplied by an ISO 9001 accredited supplier. All the material certificates are available on request. The material is cast to a specific tolerance and conforms to all industry standards.

Hytech is one of the only suppliers in NZ that offer cut to size lengths (no charge for this service) or Hytech can supply full lengths as requested.

Ductile Iron

Hytech stock a variety of sizes of ductile iron square bar and flat bar in grades: UB400, UB500 and some section sizes in grade AST65-45-12. The ductile iron is casted by and ISO 9001 supplier and tested to EN equivalent EN16482:2014-GJS-400-15C and ASTM A536 65-45-12.

All ductile iron bars are milled after they have been casted to a variety of sizes. This saves our customers money on tooling and time on squaring the material up.


Zero leak plugs

EPCO’s Zero-Leak Gold Plugs utilise a multi-seal technology to provide a primary metal-to-metal seal with an independent elastomeric back-up seal. 

This combination of seals and geometry of the design make Zero-Leak Gold the most reliable and cost-effective port entry plug in existence today. Buy online here.


RESTRICTOR is a proven, cost-effective orifice flow restrictor that can be configured for your requirements. This one-piece flow restrictor features a durable, stainless-steel or steel construction and is available in a variety of sizes. Hytech stock M4 to M10 with a center hole ranging from 0.4mm to 2mm in diameter. Buy online here.

Expander plugs

The KOENIG EXPANDER® Series MB 850 (Steel) and MB600 (Stainless steel) plugs effectively seal drilled holes. These parts feature a serrated sleeve which expands as the ball is inserted, enlarging the part to the needed size and sealing the hole. For installation, push-style expanders require a hole drilled with a counter bore. Hytech stock a wide range of sizes in both steel and stainless-steel material options. Buy online here.

Order today and pick up tomorrow, or we can ship the material country wide.