Hytech is an industry leader when it comes to manifold design and development. Our extensive experience allows Hytech to work closely with our customers. We follow a step-by-step process to develop the best manifold options for the application required. We take pride in every single manifold that we manufacture. 

Custom Hydraulic Manifolds

  • Hytech custom design manifolds to any shape and size to fit into the envelope size that you require.
  • Hytech uses ISO standard cavity and port form tools for all cavities.
  • Fast turnaround (customer specified) from concept to having the final product in your warehouse.
  • Complete hydraulic manifold solutions for your industrial, mobile, agricultural, forestry, marine & construction requirements
  • In-house designers are second to none, utilising the latest 3D computer programs.
  • Full range of hydraulic cartridge valves available from our sister company, HYSPECS.
  • Over 30 years of hydraulic circuit design knowledge.

Zero leak plugs

EPCO’s Zero-Leak Gold Plugs utilise a multi-seal technology to provide a primary metal-to-metal seal with an independent elastomeric back-up seal. 

This combination of seals and geometry of the design make Zero-Leak Gold the most reliable and cost-effective port entry plug in existence today.


RESTRICTOR is a proven, cost-effective orifice flow restrictor that can be configured for your requirements. This one-piece flow restrictor features a durable, stainless-steel or steel construction and is available in a variety of sizes. Hytech stock M4 to M10 with a center hole ranging from 0.4mm to 2mm in diameter.

Expander Plugs

The KOENIG EXPANDER® Series MB 850 (Steel) and MB600 (Stainless steel) plugs effectively seal drilled holes. These parts feature a serrated sleeve which expands as the ball is inserted, enlarging the part to the needed size and sealing the hole. For installation, push-style expanders require a hole drilled with a counter bore. Hytech stock a wide range of sizes in both steel and stainless-steel material options.