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ISO 9001 HYTECH – Manufacturer of Custom, OEM and Standard manifolds and a variety of standard off the shelf manifold options ready for you.   Hytech is also a supplier of aluminum and ductile iron, the material is available in full length or cut to length sizes. Another part of the business is fully committed to precision engineering.

Call Hytech for all your manifold, precision engineering and bar stock needs.

With the backing of Hyspecs Group we can offer a complete A to Z Hydraulic service. Assessment of hydraulic requirements to circuit diagrams to manufacture to installation and commissioning and ongoing support and supply of cartridges. Hytech have the technical back up to work with any level of design experience to deliver a complete hydraulic manifold solution.

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Every manifold that leaves HYTECH’s door is quality inspected and batch numbered for traceability. Each item is individually checked for machining burrs and inclusions while every design revision is checked for design and operational specification. 

Each person involved in the production process is charged with ensuring the manufactured product is of the highest possible quality. Every quality control issue that is raised, regardless of who raises it, triggers a revision process. This revision process investigates the issue and takes what ever action is required to ensure the alert is not raised again.

ISO 9001 Certified

Hytech Hydraulic manifold 3D modelling software

  • Using one of the latest market leader design packages, we can transform a 2D circuit into a 3D digital model.
  • Fully assembled manifolds can be produced (on request) for the customer to use in conjunction with their 3D system.
  • The customer will be able to import their manifold into their 3D model and a final view can be done to eliminate any constraints before they start the manufacturing process.
  • Customers can approve a 3D model rather than waiting on traditional 2D drawings to be produced.
  • Fast turnaround, once the customer has approved the 3D model it can be turned into a finished manifold within the standard lead time, +/- 2-3 weeks from date of approval
  • Over 30 years combined knowledge of manifold design  and 50+ years of manufacturing knowledge.